How To End A College Essay: Win Your Reader’s Heart By The Happy End


What if we tell you that writing a college essay conclusion might be even more grueling than starting it from scratch? Unfortunately, it is the truth. And since you have your essay almost written, an ending should be your cherry on the cake. You are a lucky one as we have prepared for you a powerful article on how to perfectly end your college academic paper.

So stay tuned and learn more!

How To End College Essay: Why Is It Essential To Know?

Probably all of you ate your favorite candy as a child and felt a pleasant aftertaste from it. And this aftertaste remained in your memory as a pleasant association. The same goes for the aftertaste after reading the academic paper. And this aftertaste is your college essay conclusion. If a professor enjoys your ending, it will give him a charming memory that will definitely increase your chances of enrolling in the desired college.

Apart from forming the reader’s impression, the academic paper ending plays a role as the focal point of the essay. The whole path you have taken from the beginning, from the formation of the thesis to the presentation of arguments and counterarguments, has its culmination. And this culmination is a college academic paper conclusion.

So your task in the ending part is not only to sum up but support the thesis of your academic paper topic.

How To Conclude A College Essay: Top Useful Tips

As soon as you realize the importance of forming an ideal academic paper conclusion, you are ready to learn some tips on how to do it. Take a further step and read more about how to be a master in ending your academic paper.

Essay Conclusion Never Equals Summary

Summarizing is not what you need to write for a successful college academic paper conclusion. An essay ending is not just summing up the text written above. It is the highest point where you have to reinforce your personal statement and put the stress on what was achieved within this piece of writing. If you end your academic paper with a poor summary, the whole work will be meaningless.

Stock Phrases Will Not Work

All students used to put some stock phrases at the end. From one point of view, it greatly facilities the process and reduces the time for writing something different. However, everyone will use these phrases. And you want to stand out from the crowd. Then, change regular phrases into fresh ones. For example, instead of writing “In conclusion,” use “In the final analysis”; instead of using “In a nutshell,” change it to “In any event,” and so on. However, it is not obligatory to use these phrases in the college academic paper conclusion.

Quotes Are Not Suitable For Conclusion

You can easily quote popular figures when writing your arguments. But the conclusion is not a proper place to refer to someone. It is your personal space for expressing your thoughts. But quotes can make the reader feel like you don’t have enough words to complete the academic paper. To avoid this kind of incongruity – never use quotations at the end of your essay.

How To End Your College Essay: Steps Of Preparation

To write a college academic paper conclusion successfully, you also have to prepare. Don’s spare time for preparation as it has a great impact on how your essay will be graded. Follow the rules below and make the writing process smooth and easy.

  • Have a rest. It is not necessary to write an academic paper at once. You can divide it into parts and have a small rest between these parts. With a fresh look, you will be able to analyze the essay properly and then have the inspiration to write its ending.
  • Tend to make a positive conclusion. Who would like to watch a film if it doesn’t have a happy ending? The same works with your academic paper. Try to make a conclusion positive even if your story was not a pleasant one.
  • Analyze the experience. The conclusion consists of your analysis. So before you start composing it, analyze what you have already written.
  • Read the examples. To make yourself more inspired, read the academic paper examples of other writers. While reading other thoughts, you can find yourself composing your own. But don’t copy someone else’s manner of writing. Remember that uniqueness is your key to success.

How To Write A Conclusion For A College Essay: Practical Tips

Now, when you know the importance of writing a reasonable academic paper ending and the steps of preparation, you can learn the practical side of writing a conclusion. However, you probably will think: “Why should I learn so many tips for writing a bunch of sentences at the end?” It is not surprising because the information might be a bit overwhelming.

But as soon as your fate depends on this piece of writing, you have to put in every single effort to achieve the goal. So practice more and take into account the tips below.

Link Your Conclusion With The Introduction

Before you start writing a college academic paper conclusion, make sure you double-read your introduction. These parts are definitely connected as in the beginning, you state your point of view, and at the end, you prove it. When revising the introduction, you will remind yourself of the tone of your writing. Thus, it is essential to stay in the same tone during the whole academic paper. If you begin your paper with a story or an anecdote, you can also end it with a story or anecdote. It is not obligatory to tell the reader about your experience. One prompt phrase can be more than enough to cope with the meaning.

Stick To Your Theme

The college essay conclusion should correspond to your main theme. In general, the theme can be about difficulties and their handling, getting new experiences in life, struggling with some kind of fear, doing something for the first time, and so on. Thus, in conclusion, you have to specify how you overcame the difficult situation, experienced something new, or whatever you identified as your theme. A theme is your hint on what to write in conclusion. So if you know that hack – your writing process will be way easier.

Experiment With The Ending

Your essay conclusion should not always be typical. What if you end your paper in the middle of the action? Or what if you leave a reader with a detailed description at the end? Or what if you put a dialog as a conclusion? Giving the reader a chance to think about your essay is always valuable. It is even better than analyzing and describing every sentence as it gives more freedom to those who read your academic paper.

However, while you only practice writing your college essay conclusion, you had better stick to a regular one. Experiments are perceived properly if they are written by experienced writers.

Give Someone To Read It

The best way to check your academic paper is to give it to someone to read it. A person that has a fresh point of view will adequately estimate your talent and give you an honest opinion. However, you can also ask the reader to describe the feeling after reading your essay. If they are positive, then there is no need to correct something. But if the aftertaste is not very pleasant, you should rewrite it or change something in the structural parts.

Double-Check The Essay

It doesn’t matter if you are writing the beginning or the end of an essay; checking is always an integral step in writing a successful work. When you revise your paper, pay attention not only to grammar or its structure. Move further and dive into the semantics. You can also pretend that you are a reader and check by yourself how good the essay sounds. If your deadline is not soon, read the essay over an extended period of time. You will see that some new thoughts pop up in your head, and you can add them as an improvement to your essay.

Wrapping Up

Composing a college essay conclusion is the final step of your writing process. Thus, it should be taken seriously as the ending gives a reader an overall impression of your work. Since you want to get an A+ grade, you have to use the tips for writing a successful conclusion. It consists of preparation, actual writing, and checking. But the biggest hint is hidden in your theme and introduction. These parts are strongly connected with the conclusion.

Therefore, all you need is to analyze them and add your personal experience. Be sure that such careful preparation will result in a successful enrollment in the college.

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