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How To Write a 1 Page Essay

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Many tips and guides are available on the internet to help you write 1 page essay. It helps you to get started so if you are looking for great tips how you can begin your essay or want to know about short essay writing and 3 page essay without any headaches, we will help you.

Writing Page Online: What You Should Know

  • Essay topic: Your first step is to know what your topic. Sometimes you don’t need to worry about it because in some cases, the topic will be given to you. If you are given the chance to choose your own topic, choose something that you are familiar with.
  • Thesis statement: Your next step is to think a solid thesis statement. It should be one sentence that will sum up your purpose or argument. You should present what you like to prove and explore in your paper. It is essential to write the thesis statement first.
  • Supporting points: You should know what your supporting points are. It should be an idea that supports your thesis or main idea. You need to show the differences as well as the similarities between what you are comparing.
  • Introduction: In writing a one page essay, you should have an introduction. If you have a thesis statement and supporting points, this is the time to make your introduction. You need to begin it in an interesting line to get the attention of your reader.
  • Body: You need to present your supporting point and explain. You should be able to explain why and how your points support your thesis.
  • Strong conclusion: This will be the last part of your paper. In your conclusion, you need to summarize all your supporting points. In this step, you will know much have a hard time because there is no much explanation that you should do. Be sure to have a strong final sentence.
  • Edit and proofread: After you are done with your essay, you need to edit and proofread it. If you have much time, sit down and read again before submitting. You will know if there are things you should remove or add.

If you are done, you are now ready to submit your paper but it is better when you read it again and that would be your last step. Carefully check for punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes.

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