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How To Write a One Page Research Paper

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Before you begin to make a research paper, you need to find the resources for you so that you can get started. You should have a plan to make all things perfect and to gather all the necessary information that you should have. Check this out!

How to Write 1-Page Research Paper Tips

In writing a research paper, you need to have four parts which include,

  • Topic
  • Research Questions: You’re trying to answer the topic
  • Method and Resources: Use details in finding information that will lead to answers
  • Product: It helps people in evaluating the work.
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Aside from this, there are still things you should know in writing a short research paper. You need to know about it so that you will not struggle and can begin to make your own paper. Read this!

Parts in Writing a Short Research Paper

  • Part one: You should have a statement of your topic including specific details such as geographic region, time or particular group of people.
  • Part two: You need to have problems that are related to your topic. Bear in mind that problems must be in written questions like what do you want to learn about the topic or what information you gather?
  • Part three: You must have a plan how you gather information about your topic. You should know what you would do. For instance, in gathering information you have plans in analyzing or reading books.
  • Part four: Have an explanation on what the project would look like or how you it is presented. You need to answer the questions in part two.

As you are making your research paper, you need to use correct punctuation, complete sentences, capitalization and perfect grammar. It is necessary to put all information that is important. Get rid of useless words or sentences. Writing a research paper is not that easy and many students struggle with it. Before you begin, you should prepare yourself, have a plan, don’t rush and be focus.

Finally, if you know the things you should do; writing your research paper would be easy. Just check your paper before submitting to ensure it is exceptional. Or get help of our professional research paper and essay writers!

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