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Research Paper Sample

research paper on political science help
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Presence of a third political party in the US


Political parties are regarded as a fundamental part of any democracy primarily in the United States of America. The political parties serve four core functions. One of their main functions is that they nominate candidates that help in all public offices. They are dedicated to educating various individuals in the entire nation and also involve a significant number of individuals in different political processes in the country. In the United States of America, the party that wins the elections is responsible for running the government provided that owns the office. The opposition party monitors the party that remains in power. Although the United States of America does not require a third political party, several reasons make it create a room for a third party.

The reason that makes the United States of America require a third party

The third party in serves a crucial role in America since it represents the US citizen who feels misrepresented by the two dominant parties. The parties are formed due to various reasons. Many of them are developed as a result of its members failing to accept the conciliations that are necessary for generating the winning coalition (Rigby 552). They are also formed after the dominant parties ignore their members. When the third party is involved in a particular political issue, it always calls for a change. In a situation where they interfere in given election results, they intend to inform the two dominant parties that reform is required (Schattschaider 55). The two parties thus must make those voters who feel satisfied with the results by repeating the election process.

Third-party candidates in different offices play a preeminent role. It calls for attention to the ignored issue and misrepresented repressed principles. They focus on the subject that is ignored by the two political parties (Schattschaider 56). Third parties also make the two parties consider their sections as valuable as theirs and as a part of the government. They help the most focused voters make their essential statements that contain a significant impact on the country. Most of those statements might make the country move in the right direction if they are considered crucial.

The third political party gives an ethical and well-informed voter an opportunity to cast his/her vote without feeling spoiled after the period. The third parties usually have access to the ballots which makes the voters have confidence that their votes are well secured. It makes less recognized ideas and candidates feel represented in the country especially during the ballot period (Schattschaider 56). The third party represents a more significant national representation and ascertains that the two major parties are not left with making a decision that might mislead the entire nation.

The third-party help the newly elected leader with ideas that might change his/her attitude towards the opposition leaders and lead the nation with intelligence and avoid ethnicity negligence (Schattschaider 112). The third-party in the US guide the leaders in ways of making a reasonable solution to problems, crises, challenges, and issues whenever they emerge In the United States of America, third-party volunteer to handle rail. It always encourages change in Laws where its supporters and other voters would wish to have ballot access that is fair and equal for the parties. The third party usually improves the strength of the “two-party system.”

The primary aim of the two parties is to win the election and not to solve the problems and issue that the entire nation face and thus creating a room for a third political party that would neutralize the behavior. The two political parties serve the interests of specific groups. They block the change for receiving several ideological ideas and neglect creative thinking (Abramson 350). The two parties do not trust most of the original citizens when they present ideas that can solve major issues and problems thus there is a need for a third party that can represent those creative citizens.

The current budget and job crisis is a clear example of the weak working relationship between the two political parties and a call for a third party. Currently in the Democrats faces a challenge of failing to decide between firing the unworthy teachers who spoil the education of a large number of children since the teacher’s union is its dominant interest group (Abramson 350). On the other side, the Republicans do not want to make it clear that new teachers are required to have the children acquire the best education because by saying that, it will have admitted that money is the only solution (Abramson). In that kind of situation, a third party is required that can give new ideas to address the issue since both of the Democrats and Republicans are not in a position to solve the problem.

The political party helps the Republicans to realize the importance of political philosophy. They can play a significant role in bringing the new party recognized by the voters so that it might become considerably after it has acquired a large number of voters (Abramson). It helps a large number of citizens to have an active role in the political process since they realize that they can change the way the parties does most of its operation. A strong third party may also help in the improvement of the principles necessary for the foundation of third parties. It will thus lower the cost required for a new party to be formed.

In the current situation where the nation is so much divided, there is a great need for a third party that can neutralize the issues. Most of the citizens in the United States in America are not happy with the situation caused by Democrats and Republican Status quo and dogmata (Abramson 354). Another third party is required to challenge them and change most of their policies and strategies that are unpleasant to most of the citizens. By doing so, they can slightly change the activities in the office and become more severe and focused on matters concerning the interests of the citizens in the United States of America (Abramson 345). A third party would solve the political division that has been evident in the past years.

A third party can post the main issues that the country faces on the agenda also keep the major parties honest. They force significant parties to act upon most of the problems that the United States of America faces (Abramson). The third party in America challenges the other parties which include democrats and republicans on an issue concerning social justice and unfair distribution of resources around the country. Since most of the candidates in third parties have minimal chances of winning in the election period, they are capable of frankly speaking as compared to the candidates belonging to the other major political parties (Abramson). They, therefore, address most facts and issues that are ignored by the two major parties. By doing that, they can take the country to the right direction where most of the problems are solved instead of letting them continue existing in the United States of America.

Reasons for the third party in the US being unnecessary

Various reasons make the third party is useless. In the first place, the candidates from the third party are rarely elected in the city council department and also as mayors of the medium-sized city (Wattenberg and Martin). The names of most of the participants in the third parties are not recognized in the United States of America. Most of the voters in the state use them as protest votes with the intention of proving a political argument (Wattenberg and Martin). The country does not accept third parties since most of them are usually unorganized and they don’t provide legit solutions.

Third parties cause a split of votes into the states. Most of the candidates in third parties win a deficient percentage of the votes. If a candidate in a third party succeeds in various countries in a presidential election, it may cause most of the candidates failing to win in most of the electoral votes after the election period (Schattschaider). As a result of that, the candidate may instruct the voters in that specific Electoral College to vote for another candidate or the House of Representatives might decide to vote for the president (Wattenberg and Martin). Conducting a special election could be another alternative, but it would take extra time and money. If only two parties can be allowed, more time and money would be saved and thus make the third parties unnecessary in the US.

A two-party system is stronger than the multiparty system. The parties are very moderate since they have to appeal the middle for them to win the elections, unlike the multiparty system where the process will be more complicated and take longer to come up with a final decision (Abramson 360). The two-party system in the United States provides the citizens with an easy task of choosing only between the two parties which takes a shorter time and the election more efficient and taking less time to complete. Unlike the multiparty system where a third party is involved, the candidates face a challenge of making their decision on who to elect therefore making some of them make a wrong decision due to confusion. Most of the voters don’t like wasting ballot and thus end up choosing a candidate who they are confidentially convinced that he/she has a higher chance of winning in the election. A candidate belonging to a third party usually has a very minimal chance of winning a state legislative or a congressional seat in the US (Abramson). Third-party candidates who are not supported by the elected officials have a significant challenge of gaining the momentum since they are often not famous.

Since the Republicans and Democrats are the dominant parties in the US, they control all the state legislatures and Congress. Convincing the two political parties to risk their current authority becomes a problematic situation. Most of the citizens believe various activities in the political system are very sacred than even the economic system and it would be so much difficult to change them (Abramson 365). In that situation, most of Americans believe that if a third political party is added to the system, it might change the political system and also the economic system. They think that the party might be capable of breaking the current rules and adapted to by the Democratic and Republican parties.

Most of the citizens in the US do not vote for third party candidates because they are interested in them. They are only intended to send a message to the central parties. The third-party, in that case, results in a waste of votes. From the historical view, most of the third parties fail because they lack unity at both local and state levels because the other significant parties adopt the most important issues that they present to the citizens (Abramson). Third-party candidates require enough time for them to win at both local and state levels and even several congressional seats but they end up failing just because their number is too small to influence the people at those levels. They lack adequate finances to cater for their campaigns.

Voters from various ideologies have different beliefs about parties that are likely to win the election, and most of them believe that the parties in power are the most likely to win the election (Rigby 552). Most of them think that third-party purposes only to oppose the political parties and not to bring forth new resolutions that might change the nation. The two major parties also try to extinguish the third party by splitting their various candidates into different districts just to eliminate the chances for the third-party candidates to gain a unified number of votes (Rigby). It is thus a clear Implication that the third-party candidates have very minimal chances of winning at different voting colleges. Third parties have a lower chance of being elected by the fact that they are not well resourced and the media and the debates do not cover those (Abramson). Most of the donors volunteer to help the candidates who have higher chances of winning in the election period and who represent their values or beliefs.

Most of the third parties encourage polarity. Although they might be capable of bringing people together, they also cause division among people. They also create room for more corruption activities. In the construction where the various individual’s influence voices of the group to lead the indefinite party way, creates a place for corruption Most of the individuals of the third political parties might wish to gain power with the aim of representing a specific ethnic group, and thus they may end up expressing their interest to the entire nation.

There are so many reasons that make the United States of America require a third party although it still has a lot of demerits attached to it. Most of the citizens in the US wish to have a third party since it might represent them in the government. The third-party addresses most of the problems that remain unsolved by the two parties. It can also cause division among different ethnic groups. The need for a third party in the United States continues to be a significant issue even in recent days.

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