Essay on Patriotism: Overview


As we all know, an essay is an argument on a given topic, a statement of your emotions and thoughts in a text. In school, reports are written from elementary school. At first, they are descriptions of pictures or views from the window. In middle school, teenagers are encouraged to analyze literary works and speculate on eternal themes: friendship, life and death, choice of profession or their country, and patriotism. Students write essays not only in literature but also in history, social studies, and foreign languages. 

Today, we’ll discuss how to write an essay about patriotism. But first, let’s have a deeper understanding of what patriotism is. 


Patriotism Essays: What Are They About? 

Patriotism is love and respect for one’s country. Patriots are known to love their country unconditionally and take pride in it. In every country in the world, there are many patriots who are willing to do something for their country. Nevertheless, the spirit of patriotism seems to be fading these days because of increasing competition in all fields and people’s changing lifestyles. In the past, many people advocated instilling a sense of patriotism among their fellow compatriots. 

Patriots held meetings, gave lectures, and used other means to inspire those around them. Likewise, a sense of patriotism must be instilled in the younger generation today. This should be done while they are still young. Schools and colleges must take the initiative to educate children with a sense of love and respect for their country. A nation where young people love the country and strive to improve it socially and economically will surely be a better nation. True patriots work for the good of their country. They contribute to the betterment of their country in any way they can. They not only work to build their nation but also inspire those around them. As Benjamin Franklin said during one of his public speeches, “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

Patriotism Essay: Deeper Understanding

There are a few distinct characteristics of patriotism. They are blatant indicators of whether someone or a group is patriotic. The following is a list of the noticeable markers: 

  • Love without conditions for the country.
  • Widespread interest in the welfare of neighbors. 
  • Zeal to defend the country against both internal and external threats. 
  • Unity among the masses from all origins while keeping in mind the overall picture.

Being patriotic means prioritizing service to the Motherland above everything else. One’s responsibility to the country precedes their problems or personal life. The phrase “service before self” can be used to sum up patriotism, where “service to the nation” is meant. 

Patriotism Essay Ideas

You can write an essay about how important patriotism is to every country or those patriotic scholars will not leave their nation but will work for the good of their state. You can write about a patriot citizen, in the event of war, that will go to fight for their homeland and will save their land. Or even about Adolf Hitler: how he turned patriotism into racism. You can write about how you can help your country prosper and develop. There are plenty of patriotic essay ideas.

Patriotism Essay Examples and Their Structure

Now, let’s have a closer look at the structure of a patriotism essay.

First, make a plan with theses that you can prove and refute or create a plan of questions for yourself, to which you will give answers in the paper, your view of patriotism.

  • Can a person not be a patriot of their country? Why?
  • On what pillars does the state rest?
  • Is it worth sacrificing yourself for others? Why?
  • Where does patriotism come from? How does love for one’s country come about?
  • Who is a citizen of their country?
  • Love for the Motherland and patriotism: How are they similar, and how do they differ?

How to write this type of essay about patriotism and overcome the fear of a blank page when writing? First, try to think of an introduction. The introduction is a responsible and rather difficult part of the essay. Following the easy steps below will make it easier for you to write.

The main thing you need to do is understand what the text is about. Then, think orally about the essay topic. What is patriotism for you? The main thing in the subject of “Patriotism” is to reveal what exactly love of one’s homeland is. After all, love of one’s land is not just the bare words of a person who beats their chest and shouts that they are a patriot but the willingness to act in the interests of their homeland and to do things for it that will make the lives of people in it happier.

Or you can write about an unemployed person, for example, who becomes a volunteer in the time of need for their homeland and helps it in the best way possible in what it needs. This topic is too broad, so you can be more specific and formulate thoughts that are appropriate for the issue. 

Often, writing an essay about patriotism may require additional historical information. For example, if the paper is based on a literary work, like Machiavelli’s “Prince”, you should read it and have an idea of the author, the era in which he created it, and the deeper message of the book. This information will give you something to think about, which can be reflected in the patriotism essay.

We talked about patriotism essay examples. However, depending on the type of essay, its structure and the main question may differ. 


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