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What is an Exemplification Essay?

The etymological roots of exemplification essay definition are found in Latin. Exemplificare means “to illustrate”, and the Anglo-French word is exemplificacioun – “illustration or demonstrations by example”. Exemplification essays contain a pattern of development which utilizes precise occurrences to clarify, define, or persuade a reader.

Notably, an exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay. The purpose of the writer is to find and present prescient and straightforward examples which support the essay thesis.

The basis of this style of essay is a logical assumption that things depend on one another, events occur in definite ways, and we can extrapolate from these examples.

The art of exemplification essay writing is to pick subjects that are familiar and interesting to you. There might be topicsfor exemplification essay that are unfamiliar to you; however, this is an advanced exercise. If you are given the option to pick, you should choose something that suits your knowledge and skill set.

Consider a debate, the standard format of which contains an opening speech followed by cross-examination and a closing statement. An exemplification essay should remind the opening statement section. You should not thoroughly dissect the opposing arguments or perspectives. The purpose is to present your stall and attack the counterarguments.

Of course, if to paraphrase George Orwell and his six rules for writing, it is better to break a rule than write anything outright barbarous. Therefore, it is absolutely fine to make one of your points or examples about the heinous ideas borrowed from the ‘third party’.

The climate crisis is one of the examples as climate denialism is not taken seriously in academia, nor should it be. Similar arguments can be made around the dangers of violent ideologies. Use your head, and avoid misleading ideas.

In your essay, you must use examples and case studies in a way that develops a rhetorical power. Convince and persuade the reader to share your point of view. Contrast this type of essay with a position paper which requires only stating your position, rather than appealing directly for support through exemplification.

Exemplification Essay Outline

It goes without saying that a good essay is not the first draft of the essay. Roughly jot down the thesis of your essay as well as the examples you are going to use and then put that aside for reference.

In the first section of an exemplification essay, you should present the problem, main idea, and thesis. Depending on the length of your assignment, there will be a series of paragraphs or sections which illuminate the issues to the reader.

In terms of positioning your examples, consider them in a chain. Which seems to be the strongest? Why? Does it encapsulate the problem immediately? The answers to these questions will help you construct the argument.

Starting with a powerful example is a good way to go. If you are sure in the knowledge of the subject and can develop a narrative from a smaller example or an anecdote, try this way too.

Endings are important. They are what readers will generally remember. In the final stages of your outline, you must remember to present your most powerful examples in recap mode.

The conclusion should reiterate your introduction. Refer to the examples you’ve used and collapse your whole essay into one digestible chunk. The intricacies of how to write an exemplification essay are easy to learn, but hard to master.

Exemplification Essay Thesis

As in the case with every essay, the core of an exemplification essay is the thesis. A thesis is the assertion of your position and the delineation of boundaries within the essay.

In short, a thesis statement is a declaration of what the paper is about. Thesis are typically short, and the main part can be as little as one sentence, though it may contain a few sentences which declare your position wholly. It is important to deploy brevity in your writing, especially in the thesis segment; otherwise, no one will understand your position, which will likely lead to a poor grade.

Consider this primary statement as a moment of transparency for your reader. By reading the thesis, they will know what you are going to do. Then, it is up to you to write persuasive ensuing paragraphs.

It is crucial to remember that an exemplification essay is about proving that your thesis is correct. There is no need to deeply explain the shortcomings of your own examples. Of course, there will be some. Another term for this kind of essay is an illustrative essay. There is a certain lack of dynamism in an exemplification essay that might be considered weak if you were to write in this style for another form.

However, you must enjoy the moment of being able to say exactly what you want to say in your thesis. If you are going to deconstruct the opponents’ arguments, do it rhetorically and with a flourish. The essence of this essay is influence; thus, stay away from demagoguery.

In summation, the thesis should be powerful and concise. It can be sandwiched by clarifying points, and the reader should understand what you are going to argue and what you are not going to argue by the time they reach the next section.

How to Choose a Topic for an Exemplification Essay?

You can choose the topic for your exemplification essay in several ways. First, consider the brief and the limitations. One of the secrets to writing any essay is to actually do what the brief asks you to do. Creating the question you would like to answer is a sure way to earn good marks. Thus, you should find a topic which will spark excitement in you, and current affairs are a good place to start.

Secondly, try to look for the news. The news cycle is a fascinating concept. See which topics stick around for a long time and which that might be mentioned less frequently. Could some of these make a good topic for you?

Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Bulimia Nervosa Expository
  • Euthanasia Should Be Legalized
  • Cruising Should Be Banned
  • Exemplification: Welfare, A Vicious Circle
  • War And World Peace
  • Separation Of Church And State
  • Why The World Is Doomed

Exemplification Essay Topics For College Students

  • Freedom Today
  • Death Of Science
  • Price Discrimination
  • Education Should Only Be Concerned
  • A Historical Basis For Media Stereotyping From 1840 To Today
  • The Role Of Media Studies

Exemplification Essay Sport Ideas

  • Sport Marketing Plan
  • The Importance Of Sports
  • The Ways In Which Increases In Sport And Physical Activity Participation
  • Columbia Sportswear Risk Management
  • Concussions In Sports
  • Sports Drinks Vs. Water
  • Sexism In American Sports

Exemplification Essay Examples

Here’s a set of worthy examples that will help you compose a perfect exemplification essay. You can use them as a base for your academic improvement and reach your writing goals faster:




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Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

In this section, we offer writing tips for exemplification essays, as well as some more general ones.

Read your work out loud. As silly as it sounds, read it. Do it in the style of an actor if you prefer or a podcast host. If the text sounds silly when you vocalize it, it’ll sound silly on the page. This way, you can check the content itself and the flow of the essay. Reading aloud will help you find grammatical errors or clunky sentences.

Follow the outline we gave above. Exemplification essays can deliver an impassioned and well-researched point of view through the use of examples. So, make sure you find relevant case studies and make them work for you.

Once you choose your topic for exemplification essay writing, it might be even more useful to read over some samples. Ask at your school or university whether they have any available. It is even better to ask for previous papers of differing quality.

Another advantage of looking through exemplification essay samples is that they are a wealth of sources and references: highly cited papers, recent research, articles and editorials form high-impact journals. The bibliography is the best place to start in exemplification essay example reviews.

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