How to Make an Essay Longer: Helpful Tips and Tricks


Almost every second student comes across some problems when writing essays. And one of the most common is the disparity between the length requirements. “What can I say when everything has already been said?” However, there are many ways to help make an essay longer.

We will tell you why and how to do it most effectively. So, you don’t have to think about how to rewrite the essay and follow the length now.

Reasons and Ways to Make Your Essay Longer

The length generally depends on many factors – the type, level, and for what audience you are writing an essay. Of course, it should not be too long as a research project but must accommodate the basic ideas and evidence. In other words, it should be well-structured with a completely open topic.

Students often have difficulty writing essays because they find it hard to express their thoughts. In addition, they are afraid to write something extra, so they prefer only to indicate short facts. However, this work will be dry and not attractive. Among the main reasons to make an essay longer are:

  1. Narrow topic. Sometimes, it is not enough valuable information to include in your paper. But if it’s too late to change it, you need to get out of the situation.
  2. You have little time to find additional facts. Therefore, you can increase the amount in other ways.
  3. You do not have enough space to describe a new argument. Do not start something that you do not have enough space to finish. Unfinished thoughts only worsen the quality of your essay.

However, how to add the missing 50-200 words? There are many methods.

Be Sure to Include Everything

Look at all your notes and hints. You may have forgotten something to add. If everything is in order, check your paper. Perhaps, some points need to be supplemented. You can add a few statistics or facts that will strengthen your arguments.

Add More Transitional Phrases

Transitional words and phrases must be in your essay. You can always add them to increase the volume. However, they should not be more than the argument itself. It can keep the reader from losing the essence of your idea and easily follow it through the entire text.

Add More Quotations

This method will help both make an essay longer and improve the evidence for your arguments. It will also bring your paper to life and make it more interesting for the reader. First, however, carefully study how to draw them correctly. Such errors may affect your score.

And if everything is excellent in terms of content, but there are formatting errors, you will not get an A grade.

Add New Evidence

If you are sure that you have enough space to add a new argument, do so. If it is not as strong as the previous ones, place it in the middle. Your body part will start and end with a strong position.

Take Another Look at Your Introduction and Conclusion

You may find some missing essential information that will help readers understand your argument at the beginning. Expand on these points to help feed them into the supporting evidence you provide. Make sure that you give the audience the solutions to your arguments. If not, rewrite them to complete the essay correctly.

Don’t Use Abbreviations

Using an abbreviation can help when you’re bored to make your essay shorter. And if your goal is to lengthen, the full names will add two to five words. If this makes your text too long, but the title is often repeated, you can do it differently. First, indicate in the sentence where the name is first mentioned in brackets with its abbreviation, and then, you can use it everywhere.

Ask Someone to Read Your Essay

If others read your paper, it may highlight any confusing points. Go back and review any unclear arguments and add more supporting evidence. It will make it more understandable to the reader.

Remember that you are writing as a person who understands the topic. So, a person who doesn’t know anything should understand everything. Rewrite any inaccuracies. It helps make sure you don’t leave out any important details and allows you to increase the length of the article.

How to Make Essay Longer with Words?

If you look closely at your essay, you will find dozens of ways to add some special words and phrases to increase the length. You may not even notice how one word can be replaced by two or three. And your paper will look more exciting and closer to the reader. It also helps to give the essay a more friendly tone.

  1. When you add some new information – also, furthermore, moreover, besides, etc.
  2. If you want to show the contrast between two sentences – however, still, nevertheless, conversely, nonetheless, instead, etc.
  3. If you need to compare some facts – similarly, likewise, in the same way, etc.
  4. If you need to pay more attention to some points – above all, certainly, in fact, etc.
  5. When you give an example – for example, for instance, namely, in particular, etc.
  6. When you talk about time – next, then, meanwhile, finally, subsequently, etc.
  7. When you need to sum an argument or your idea – therefore, hence, thus, consequently, etc.
  8. When you make the main summarizing – in conclusion, therefore, as a result, to sum up, finally, etc.

The main thing is not to overload your essay. There are other types of words that can help you.

Words to Make Essay Longer

You also may change some words into longer phases:

  1. Although – in spite of the fact that.
  2. Because – due to the fact that.
  3. When – on the occasion of.
  4. Until – until such time as.
  5. Now – at the present time.
  6. Most – the majority of.
  7. By – by means of.
  8. The same – exactly the same.
  9. Three days – a period of three days.

However, it does not mean you have to replace each word. Do it wisely. Or ask for help from a reliable writing service. As such, you can not only make an essay longer but get a ready-made paper.

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