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What is a Synthesis Essay?

According to the synthesis essay definition, it is a written discussion supported by arguments taken from different sources. Correspondingly, writing this kind of paper requires you to put different facts together and develop an argument that reveals your opinion on a particular topic. The sources of information to be used include fiction writings, scientific studies, official speeches, journal articles, and so on.

Remember that synthesis itself has nothing to do with a summary, a comparison, or a review. Instead, it is a result of an integration of what you’ve heard or read into the development and support of the key argument. For instance, you have one paper exploring the role of smartphones in modern society, and another one exploring the growing use of social media by children. After synthesizing the available facts, you can make a thesis statement like: “Smartphones and social media are about to have a negative impact on the next generation.”

The Purpose of a Synthesis Essay

The readings will stimulate some thoughts in your head, so you will be able to generate enough ideas to put on paper. But you need to find the manner in which you want to relate the facts to each other. Thus, the purpose of writing a synthetic essay is to identify the facts you will use and the way you will link them. When you do research on a topic, it is highly recommended to check the possible connections that you can use for the development of a decent perspective on a topic.

How to Choose a Topic for a Synthesis Essay?

As a student, you may feel like writing about something you know almost nothing about in order to expand your outlook. There is nothing wrong with this, but writing a synthesis essay is not the right time for experiments. When you are conducting research on the specific subject matter, you will find out a lot of new things anyway. So, don’t give up on the idea of writing about the things you know. While you are trying to comprehend how to synthesize the sources, you don’t need to make this job even more complicated. Your goal is to get a high grade, isn’t it? So, this needs to be your only motivation throughout the writing process.

Ideally, you will find something that encourages debate and intellectual analysis, meaning that there are enough arguments – in favor and against. A topic shouldn’t be too broad and vague like climate or education. Instead, it needs to have a clear specification that would stir up the reader’s interest. You can write about a specific political memorandum, gun control policy, or freedom of social media. Once you start off with a smart topic, an excellent thesis is sure to come.

Synthesis Essay Topics

  • Shawshank Redemption Film Techniques Analysis
  • Global Warming is Real
  • The Effect of Reduced Light on Vigna Radiata Growth Rate
  • Effects of Stress on Academic Performance
  • Stakeholder Relationship Governance
  • A Medical Expert System for Prostate Diseases
  • Mass Media: Television, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers
  • The Manhattan Transcripts Analysis Architecture
  • Carsten Erfgen Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image
  • Inequality, Multiculturalism and Poverty of Contemporary Caribbean
  • Architecture practice
  • Abnormal Psychology: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • History Regarding Social Responsibility
  • Sleep and Dream, Why and When

Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

  • Argumentative Synthesis- Reality Television
  • Argumentative Synthesis On Same Sex Marriage
  • Essay Synthesis Of Aspirin
  • Argumentative Essay About Video Games
  • Causes Of Global Warming
  • Minds Are Opened Only When Hearts Are Opened Argumentative
  • The Importance of Water to Life on Earth
  • Goals And Dreams
  • The 5 Kingdoms of Life
  • West African Art
  • Evolution And Religion
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Intro to Bio Paper
  • Acid Rain

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

  • Aspirin Synthesis: Reaction Of Salicylic Acid And Acetic Anhydride
  • Discuss The Theory Of Ideal Type Given By Weber
  • Huck Finn Synthesis Paper
  • Synthesis Of An Alkyl Halide
  • Strengths Of Integrated Theories Of Criminology
  • American Dream Synthesis
  • Oedipus Rex Literary Synthesis
  • Argumentative Synthesis On Same Sex Marriage
  • Evaluate The DN Model For Scientific Explanation
  • Integration And Synthesis Of Relevant Theory And Research
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication
  • Aristotle And Descartes On Human Person
  • The Development Of Comparative Education

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

While creating a synthesis essay, the main thing for you is to understand the concept of what you are going to say. Before you proceed with writing, you should find at least three sources that would address that topic. After checking all of them, you need to write a brief summary. Also, you need to explore the evidence. After completing your thorough research, feel free to formulate the thesis statement.

To lead the narration, you need to brainstorm the possible ideas first. By means of this pre-written material, you will be able to plan your future essay from scratch. This is one of the most essential parts of your work as it allows you to clearly and logically organize the available sources to be used for further analysis. By looking at each source, you can develop your own perspective, opinion, and analysis. There are different ways to organize the information depending on your intention to agree or disagree with it. The synthesis should be well-organized so that the reader could evaluate your understanding of sources, the use of data, the eligibility of examples, and the reasonability of supporting points.

Now that you know how to start a synthesis essay, you have no right to make a mistake. Make sure that you express your own point of view and back it up with sufficient sources.

MEAL Approach

During your college or university years, you have written a lot of academic essays. But a synthesis essay is different in many ways. The MEAL approach is probably the main thing that makes a synthesis essay more complex and time-consuming than other writings. Here are the MEAL aspects to be considered:

  • Express the main idea: In this part of the body paragraph, you introduce the main idea that contains your opinion on the subject matter. Whatever form you use to express the main idea, it should reveal your personal stance.
  • Provide evidence: You need to offer compelling evidence to support the main idea of your synthesis essay body. The evidence is usually provided in the form of a quote, so proper referencing is required.
  • Conduct an analysis: Using even the most convincing quote isn’t enough to sound persuasive to the target reader. To prove that you are right, you need to analyze the available evidence and explain how exactly it addresses your position.
  • Link back: While you are writing a synthesis essay, you should focus on your main argument. To link back, you should simply restate the main idea and explain why you have supported it properly.

Synthesis Essay Outline

Before you start writing, you should have a clear understanding of the synthesis essay structure. Similar to any other kind of academic essay, this one involves three standard structural elements:

Introduction: To make your introduction more engaging, it is highly recommended to start it with a hook that would catch the reader’s attention within the very first sentence. Your hook can involve a quote, saying, rhetorical question, interesting detail, or well-known fact. At the same time, you should choose a hook that would be appropriate for your topic. Once you are done with a hook, you should clarify the major issue and present the thesis statement. Thus, your introduction will consist of one or two paragraphs, not more

Body: In two or three full-body paragraphs, you should address the topic by means of clearly stated arguments. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence that would address the idea you want to cover in the particular paragraph. In order to explain your opinion in the topic sentence, you need to use your sources. You justify the main idea of the paragraph by providing relevant facts and data to strengthen the argument. Then, you set the connection between the evidence and the target point. By detailing the relevance of these two facts, you reflect on the general topic of the synthesis essay. By clarifying your ideas and providing your supporting points, you will develop full-body paragraphs. However, you should be careful with the use of general sentences as they will make your paper look superficial. Instead, your essay needs to be substantial and straight to the point.

Conclusion: How to end a synthesis essay? In conclusion, you should state the value of your topic from the evidence that you have covered throughout the essay. Thus, you provide the reader with the final summary and suggestions for more comments to be made. If you are focusing on a background synthesis, feel free to create an interpretation of the particular position of yours. In order to create a takeaway for the reader, you will need to ask a question or express your personal opinion. This way, you will put the final point in the essay by encouraging the reader to continue exploring this topic.

Synthesis Essay Template Preview:

five paragraph essay outline template

Synthesis Essay Template Download:

Synthesis essay template
Synthesis essay outline template
Synthesis essay thesis template

Synthesis Essay Examples

With a basic understanding of a synthesis essay format, you will turn the entire writing process into a fun adventure. How to make it possible? Have a look at the synthesis essay example to learn how to write a good introduction, engaging body, and perfect conclusion. Here are the links to follow:

Synthesis Essay Writing Tips

If you are looking for inspiration before you proceed with your synthesis essays, you can always check some samples online. With this kind of information, it is always easier to create a decent piece of work. Let’s check some other handy tips and tricks to facilitate the writing process:

  • Lead the narration in the third person. When it comes to academic writing, you have to use the third person all the time. In other words, you should avoid the pronouns I and you by replacing them with he, she, and it. If it is possible, you can use the names of the characters you are writing about.
  • Write only complete sentences. Every sentence in your synthesis essay should be complete. By providing sufficient information, you aim to demonstrate credibility and support the major idea of your essay.
  • Write in an active voice. While it is not always possible, you should still try to use an  active voice. It doesn’t mean that using the passive voice is forbidden, but is not recommended to overwhelm your essay with it. You can mainly use it in those spots where the pronouns I and you need to be replaced.
  • Use transitions to flow from one paragraph to another. If you want to highlight the spot where your sources connect with each other, you just need to use transitions between the paragraphs. This way, you’ll make the narration flow smoothly and logically.
  • Use block quotes. When a quote is too long and has more than three lines, you should integrate it into the text in the format of a block quote. This way, you will call more attention to it.

By following the above tips and tricks, you become one step closer to creating a brilliant synthesis essay. You will not only improve your academic performance but also leave a good impression on your professor. But if you still don’t feel like writing this kind of assignment, you need to find someone to help you.

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