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I Hate Writing – Sample Essays

 I Hate Doing Homework Essay

i hate doing homework essays

Feeling writer’s block when writing essays about the reasons why you hate doing homework?

That’s not a problem anymore – check a sample, get inspired.. or ask our experts to help you.

Every time there is a reading required by my teachers, we are required to write an essay about it. Same goes with movies and other activities. Everything requires essay writing. I hate doing my homework essay because it requires great time and effort. In addition, teachers overwhelm their students with the bulk of essays, papers, and other requirements. What I think about essays is for compliance only; it has nothing to do with what I really know. I hate doing essays because I think that teachers cannot gauge what we really know based on those essays. Although essay writing requires us to exercise our minds, some homework are unreasonable—the teachers give limited time and expect us to submit quality papers.

See how to write a paper on your own:

  • Create a detailed outline of your paper
  • Find relevant sources and explore interesting facts
  • Craft the first draft based on your research
  • Read the draft, incorporate references and proofread

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Reasons Why I Hate Essays

i hate writing essays help

Many students hate essays and it’s a well-known fact that writing essays are not the first thing students would do. But each of us has his own reasons to hate writing essays. Need to write an essay on why I hate essays?

Check a sample:

 I do not hate essays as it is. In fact, writing essays about almost anything can help improve our writing skills. I only hate essays because most teachers require several essays at the same time. With a lot of course requirements, I cannot concentrate on one paper because of the time constraint. Some essays require thorough research and proper citation. Also, the instructions for the essays are not quite clear leaving the effort to us students. I also hate essays because teachers give low grades even if you put your time and effort to your essay. Another reason why I hate essays is that I never gain feedback—I don’t know what areas to improve. Lastly, not all of my teachers explain the format, content, guidelines, and even the proper citation styles.

Essay on Why Students Hate Writing

i hate writing essays help me

Writing any kind of documents is a torture for you? And you have to write an essay on why students hate writing papers? That’s not an issue anymore.

Professional writers prepared a sample essay for you, so get inspired:

 Not every student has the skills to produce a well-written paper. This can be attributed to a lot of reasons such as laziness on the student’s part and mediocrity on the part of teachers. Whatever the reason for the lack of skills in writing, there are reasons why students hate writing. First, they hate writing because of short deadlines. Second, students lack the skill to produce an impressive essay because of poor grammar skills. Third, many students do not know how to execute the citation styles properly. Fourth, students hate writing almost anything because they consider writing as a waste of time and effort. Fifth, they feel that the grades they get are not proportionate to the effort they gave. Lastly, they hate writing because they never get constructive feedback and they don’t know what areas to improve.

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