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Exploit Our Word Counter for Essays and Save Your Time


Why You Need Word Counter for Essays

Does anyone actually care about word count these days? Although you might think the answer is no, you’d be incorrect. Word count and even character count are increasingly important in the digital age. More and more teachers want your papers written to a word count rather than a page count. That means you need an accurate tool that will allow you to measure. Without such a tool, it’s very easy to go over or – worse – under the limit. You can lose points or even whole letter grades for this. Reliable and precise word counts are important for you to be able to succeed. If you need to increase the word count, then consider using our free essay extender tool!

What Is Regarded As a Word?

Nowadays the importance of word counting is underestimated among writers but on the contrary, with the digital era, it became much more important than in the past. A word is a set of characters and is essential to select the readers, to get the point with an indispensable number of words and hence avoiding the recipient becomes tired. The editing and proof-reading requires word counting more than other writing areas if you are about to write an essay or official/formal pages you cannot do other than carefully choose your words, in the meaning and in the number. Create a structure and let’s fit words in the text with a proficient word counter.

best words counter tool

Word Counter Online for Essays

It’s an easy matter to get an accurate word count! It sounds intimidating, certainly, but with our free tool, you don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is either cut and paste or type your text in. You probably want to be able to write quickly on your way to other places; portability is an important virtue in these harried times. We make sure that our online word count tool can provide.

Each writer demands the perfect tool for his work. Are you looking for a word counter to proficiently draft your essay?

Here is a list with the top five counters you can step through online:

  •  Best Essay Extender and Word Counter

In pole position a tool provided by writemyessays.org, we appreciated the directness with which this powerful counter analyses the text in a single step. Furthermore, it is possible to ask a review of their valuable team. This last aspect gives the first position to this tool, machine counts words, people arrange them with emotions.

This offers significant advantages and allows you to easily fill boring moments with work. You’ll find that your essays get done faster than ever before!

  • Word count

At the second position a tool which provides counting words for an essay in a first step and if you decide to go ahead with the text analysis it will give you more detailed information about the paragraph and the number of sentences. Very interesting the graphical representation with the words usage rate.

  • Word Counter

On the podium there is a powerful counter with many possible settings, it not only analyses the number of words but even their density along the text. Despite the not catching interface, it deserves this position due to its multifunctional skills.

  • Translators Base

Translator base represents a simple text analyzer, it gives the possibility to arrange some settings for word calculation, such as numerals counting and word/characters counting by line or by page.

  • Word Counter Tool

It counts words and characters, basically a word counter with the cons of many advertisements in the bottom. A useful tool if you don’t have to go deep inside the text editing. Copy, paste and count!

Why Use Word Counter Online

So why should you go for an online word count generator? It’s an easy choice. Offline word counters are difficult to use, comparatively speaking, and harder to find. By contrast, an online one is:

  • Easy to find
  • Usually free
  • Uncomplicated to use
  • Quick

As we’ve discussed, you can take an online word counter on the go. Furthermore, many word processors have become incredibly expensive. You have to pay subscription fees to use many of the top options, which most people cannot afford. But online word counters are generally free! Since you can type into them, you can even use them as a simple, basic word processor. It’s an easy matter to write on your way to work and school with the word counter online.

how many words is 200 characters

Pick the Best Word Counter

You want to use the most accurate, most reliable number of characters counter you can get your hands on. We understand and think it’s important for you to be able to access this. We invite you to try our tool; we have attempted to make it the best option on the market. It’s fast, and the webpage doesn’t lag or slow down. We include free character counts as well. However, we don’t put in too many extra bells and whistles that you don’t need. Our motto is simple things done well. Our free service is the very best we can offer, and we hope that you will decide to give it a try.

For the greatest online word counter for essays, use ours now and succeed with your essay writing today!

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