Ideal Argumentative Essay Topics 2022


Since the topic is a visiting card of each essay, it is necessary to make it engaging and select the best argumentative essay topics to cover. Obviously, the more debatable and controversial the theme is, the more interest it evokes in readers. Therefore, a good case should correspond to the content and be thought-provoking and make readers try to find the answer themselves.

Some students do not find it challenging to invent a strong topic that draws the attention of every person who reads or hears it. However, some learners cannot arrange the words in a line to make an engaging sentence. For such educators, various ready-made topics may be used in their writings. 

General Topics for Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is a great challenge, so if you are assigned a topic for your choice, you start to surf all the possible resources in search of something interesting and close to you. To avoid rushing and annoying situations, you may skim the list of general topics that will evoke lots of interest.

  • What do you think about gender rights and equality?
  • What are the moral sides of abortion after rape?
  • Your opinion of changing the death penalty to another punishment.
  • Ethical concerns of black transplantation.
  • Frauds on a governmental level. What is your attitude?
  • Should all the tattoos be with sense, or is it a matter of trends?
  • What do you think about social media’s impact on the young generation?
  • Does anybody have the right to apply chemical or nuclear weapons?
  • Can we excuse stealing for the sake of starvation avoidance?
  • Do we have a right to judge people of other religions?

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Younger Learners

Young learners are not usually strong in writing, so complicated topics may discourage any writing wishes and intentions. So, down the line, you may find issues that will be good for kids and young learners, as well as for their teachers who want to make students take the first successful steps in creative writing.

  • What types of homework are the most productive for younger learners?
  • Should the teacher assign any home tasks at the weekend?
  • What is the optimal scope of duties to do at home?
  • Is learn-by-play an effective method to study at school?
  • How to define the level of knowledge without grading students?
  • What is the best age to start learning the alphabet?
  • How to evoke interest in hyperactive children?
  • Is it effective to teach children without a realia application?
  • How to prevent bullying at elementary school?
  • Is it possible to have good eating habits living in the age of sweets variety?
  • Should mobile phones be banned at schools?
  • How to speak about first romantic feelings with children and parents?
  • Does early learning influence future educational success?
  • What extracurricular activities should be obligatory at elementary school?
  • How to talk with children about divorce?

Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

Being more aware of social, political, religious, and cultural questions than kids, middle school students are a perfect audience for argumentative essays. They are the middle link between kids and adults and may describe the problem from different perspectives. The most actual topics for them are: 

  • What is the perfect age to start earning pocket money?
  • How much money do teenagers need for everyday needs?
  • How to solve conflicts with teachers and parents?
  • What to do if your parents do not understand you?
  • Do grades matter?
  • What must be the punishment for an unsuccessful study? Must it be at all?
  • Whose life is more challenging, yours or your parents?
  • Are middle school students overloaded with home tasks?
  • What subjects are in priority today?
  • Tips for finding a common language with teenagers.
  • Why do some people have no friends?
  • How to gain popularity among teenagers?
  • Should teenagers be involved in social work?
  • Is using mobile phones during classes may be regarded as cheating?
  • How to prevent bullying and physical violence at schools?
  • How should teenagers spend their spare time beneficially?

The Best Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

Topics that teenagers must cover are much more serious and deeper. They should disclose important and relevant issues and make students define their points of view in different aspects. Often, high-school learners are not interested in global problems but are more devoted to their hobbies and interests. So, to broaden their minds, it is essential to immerse them in the themes they will face in adult life.

  • Why do students play truancy?
  • How to make the right choice concerning your future profession?
  • Is there a future without full education?
  • Help and harm of modern devices for the educational process.
  • Do you need a strict plan to reach your career goals?
  • What must be the adequate fee for education?
  • Is it possible to combine study and work in high school and college?
  • Does a more expensive college give more opportunities?
  • Can indigo children change the world?
  • Importance of artificial intelligence in modern life. 
  • Career prospect for pure people: myth and facts.
  • Should college students participate in sororities and fraternities?
  • The impact of distant learning on the quality of education.
  • What subjects should be optional at high school?

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics about Politics

Writing about politics is hard to call an exciting assignment. Many students associate it with votes, elections, and debates. Unclear speeches and laws can hardly evoke a desire to dig deeper into this topic. However, selecting an exciting and extraordinary topic may encourage writing and change your attitude toward political issues. 

  • How to choose a political party with the right ideology?
  • How to struggle with dictators in politics?
  • Which economic system is the most beneficial for a country’s economic life?
  • What is the role of opposition in government?
  • Should there be any restrictions for the president and government?
  • How to prevent fake elections?
  • What is the attitude of the world to quasi-republics?
  • The importance of international organizations in solving cross-countries conflicts.
  • Is it possible to stop war using political measures only?
  • Is there a likelihood of the Third World War?
  • What are the most influential political figures of the current century? What did they do for it?
  • What are the methods of hybrid war in the modern age?
  • Is it worth believing country leaders?
  • Is nuclear war a likelihood or an inevitable threat?
  • Should politicians be punished if they do not stick to their election program?
  • Political impact on economic relations.

Writing about Social Life: Example Argumentative Essay Topics 

We constantly live in society and have to interact with different people and different classes. So, in such a way, the emergence of other conflicts and undesirable situations is inevitable. When writing about social life, students may get lost in various issues that must be covered. So, on the list below, we collected the most urgent topics for today.

  • Violations of civilian rights by police: conflicts and solutions.
  • Should people possess weapons on a personal basis?
  • What is your attitude to smoking in public places?
  • Impact of the social ad.
  • How to make all business legal?
  • How did the global pandemic situation split people?
  • How to solve the social problems of small towns at the governmental level?
  • What is your attitude to sexual minorities? Should their rights be protected?
  • How to improve the social level without state participation?
  • Principles of social education at schools as a key to the bright future.

10 Hot Argumentative Essay Topics 2022

Each year, decade, and century is rich in urgent themes that will raise interest and be investigated for many years. Today, the world is full of events that are passionately discussed at all levels. So, what are the most debatable topics worth discussing and guarantee success in readers?

  • Is the world on the threshold of World War?
  • Why do global conflicts arise?
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of your country?
  • Are global warming issues becoming a common case to us, and do they not seem threatening?
  • Did Coronavirus take a break, or is it still attacking us?
  • Are military problems the result of unrestricted power and impunity?
  • Do you consider the military conflicts of another country your deal? Should others interfere or stay aside?
  • The problem of migrants in the world.
  • Impact of war on global economics.
  • Impact of the digital revolution on human life.


What are 3 good topics for an essay? 

When writing essays, selecting a topic that will draw your attention is essential since creative writing requires immersing in the problem. So, we offer relevant topics that will engage readers of any age. 

  • Changes in human relations: positive and negative issues.
  • The challenges of education in modern society with all the opportunities.
  • Can artificial intelligence replace people in the future?

What are some good argumentative essay topics for high school? 

As a high school student, it is time to think of problems of large scale and form your attitude to the challenges of grown-up life.

  • How many diplomas of education is it worth and possible to have?
  • Is scholarship worth educational efforts?
  • Does a prestigious university guarantee high-quality education?

What is the most common essay topic? 

The most common argumentative essay topics are those constantly discussed and drawing interest in all categories of people.

  • Is it possible to earn a million working diligently all life long?
  • Why do people start thinking about health only when having troubles?
  • How to find a balance between the family and career?
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