Best Informative Essay Topics That Encourage Reading


Perfect informative essay topics can grasp readers’ attention from the first words and call on them to read the text from the beginning to the end. Informative writing aims to educate readers and provide as much information as possible concerning the problem. As a rule, they discover some issues giving tips, “How to….” However, informative essays do not persuade readers and do not showcase writers’ opinions or attitudes. Instead, they provide information explaining unknown, debatable, or unclear matters.

When choosing a topic for an informative essay, you should consider the audience and their background knowledge to avoid making it boring or rather complicated for the audience. Your task is to captivate your reader with the title and keep doing this down the line. 

Informative Topics to Write about Modern Technologies

It isn’t easy to imagine a day without a mobile phone, living in the age of modern technologies. Modern devices entered our life rather fast, captivating our minds. So, being an integral part of the routine and almost all spheres of life, it is hard to underestimate the impact of modern techniques on humanity. 

  • The essence of mobile phone work.
  • What is the impact of message typing on teenagers’ literacy?
  • What is the role of satellites in communication?
  • Part of modern technologies in architecture and design.
  • What are the most effective alternative sources of energy?
  • How do solar batteries work?
  • Contribution of Mask in space industry development.
  • Pros and Cons of using AI in the educational process.
  • Perks of 3D printing.
  • Technological evolution: main achievements.
  • How to stay secure on the internet?
  • Prospects of shifting to electric cars.
  • Impact of technological progress on the environment.
  • A battle between computer and human brain: what is the difference?
  • Evolution of mobile phone options.

Informative Essay Ideas Concerning School Education

Live and learn. Writing an informative essay at school or college is a common case, but what is the subject for investigation in the school itself? Education has a lot of issues worth investigating and studying, so the list of topics may be long.

  • The best projects for elementary school students.
  • Impact of music on productivity.
  • Right to start a professional sport.
  • Do humanitarian and technical students exist?
  • How much time is normal to use mobiles a day?
  • Why should parents not interfere in making choices concerning hobbies?
  • Do students prefer paper books or electronic ones?
  • How to stop addiction to video games?
  • How to explain to children the harm of nicotine and alcohol?
  • Educational programs as a tool for gaining experience and leadership traits.
  • Why do children crave fast food?
  • What is the right amount of home assignments for different age groups?
  • Tools for effective learning.
  • Can strategy assist in gaining educational success?
  • How does bullying affect the physical health of children?

The Best Informative Paper Topics to Write about Medicine

Perhaps, health is one of the topics that are always on the ears, and it is always urgent and widely discussed. We often start curing disease by typing in the search box, “How to overcome/cure/avoid…?” So, topics on this theme are rather popular and always have a target audience. 

  • Does a timely diagnosis save a life?
  • Is there a remedy for cancer?
  • Cancer: treatment and risk factors.
  • How to overcome stress insomnia?
  • Obesity: disease of overeating?
  • Invasive and noninvasive treatment options for tumors.
  • How are pills made?
  • Best ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat Coronavirus.
  • Effect of non-traditional methods of treatment.
  • How to define a donor for organ transplantation?
  • Medical and social reasons for autism.
  • Inability to cure some mental diseases.
  • When is plastic surgery needed?
  • How to treat diabetes without medicines?
  • Role of modern medical equipment in treatment and diagnostics.

Topics for an Informative Essay About Cookery

Cookery issues draw the interest of a vast amount of people. Since it is trendy to cook well, people often read various blogs and articles about cooking. So, you may also try writing an informative essay on cooking using our topics.

  • Daily consumption of fast food: pros and cons.
  • Why do children crave snacks?
  • What are modern trends in cooking?
  • Use of colorants in cooking: pros and cons.
  • What can replace salt and sugar in the kitchen? Is it possible?
  • Impact of heat treatment on taste.
  • Applying chemistry tricks while cooking.
  • The usefulness of unprocessed food.
  • Sanitizing of kitchen appliances at home conditions.
  • Raw meat consumption: danger and taste.
  • Tips on cooking cereals.
  • The benefits of homemade food.
  • How to define true vine.
  • What defines taste preferences?
  • Are people addicted to coffee?
  • What contains more caffeine: tea or coffee?

Strong Informative Essay Topics 

Topics that are urgent or relevant today and popular among readers are considered strong. Therefore, we collected some vital issues for you to develop.

  • How to struggle with stress?
  • How to work with addiction?
  • How to choose a shampoo according to your hair type?
  • What makes people relaxed?
  • What causes the most stress?
  • Impact of anxiety and ecology on human health.
  • What is the value of health?
  • Similarities and differences between human and animal behavior?
  • Role of social media in the formation of personality.
  • How to prevent and stop violence in families?
  • Why do people play lotteries? What is the effect of easy money?
  • What spheres of life are shifted online?
  • How does marketing make us buy goods?
  • Is there money addiction?
  • Evolution in religious beliefs.

Final Thoughts

A good informative topic may vary from person to person. For example, one person likes general themes, while others are fans of peculiar issues and are experts in this field. So, when choosing the right topic for yourself, consider your likings, interests, and proficiency in a given sphere.


What are 3 good topics for an essay? 

Essay writing starts with a selection of good informative essay topics, which you may find below.

  • How did Coronavirus change the educational process?
  • How to stop the war at the diplomatic level?
  • What are the trends of the future?

What are the examples of informative essays?

Perfect samples of informative essays are those having informative content but not an expression of thoughts and ideas. The task of an informative paper is to provide information and explain the most controversial or debatable issue of the topic but not give a personal opinion about it. 

What are some good topics to write about? 

Time and world events define the topics that are paramount today. When selecting a topic for writing, you need to analyze the hot events around you and select the most exciting. So, for today, it is worthwhile to pay attention to:

  • Global warming.
  • Space investigations.
  • World economy.
  • War in a civilized world.
  • World pandemic.
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