30 Education Topics for Essays


The argumentative essay on education is one of the most common types of academic writing that students need to undertake from time to time. But what if you are out of ideas and don’t know where to get started or what education essay topics to write about? Well, there is a solution. Just go on reading and find your favorite one from the extensive list of essay topics we brought together in our article.

Essay Topics About Education Content

Here are some fresh and interesting topics you can use for writing an essay on education content.

  1. Should students learn typing instead of writing?
  2. Should educational institutions abolish homework?
  3. Should a foreign language be mandatory or not?
  4. Should students learn the personal lives of the popular people of the past apart from their accomplishments?
  5. Is private education too competitive?
  6. Should instructors assign grades to students?
  7. Should students be allowed to use computers for research when taking tests?
  8. Are standardized tests effective?
  9. Should school libraries ban specific books from students?
  10. Is online learning more effective?

Argumentative Essay Topics Education Process

The education process requires a solid approach and a variety of ideas to keep the balance and quality of school life. So, here are some ideas you can use to uncover the most vital issues or problems of the existing system in your essays.

  1. Should teachers use video games in the educational process?
  2. Does the class size have an impact on the effectiveness of an instructor?
  3. Should students’ knowledge be assessed through tests?
  4. Should the school day start after 9 am?
  5. Should college be compulsory for all children?
  6. Should high schoolers take a gap year after graduation before beginning their careers or going to college?
  7. Should educational institutions run year-round?
  8. Is single-sex education more effective than co-education?
  9. Should students be required to attend classes with school uniforms?
  10. Should parents be actively involved in the school life of their children?

Education Topics to Write About: School Policies and Laws

If you can’t find your favorite education topics to write about from the categories above, then have a look at the list below.

  1. Should instructors or security personnel of schools be armed?
  2. Should educational institutions impose restrictions on what students bring to school for lunch?
  3. Should religious debates and public prayer be prohibited in schools?
  4. How do school clothing regulations discriminate against women?
  5. Should students be allowed to choose what they study and who they learn from?
  6. Should students’ in-class performance records or attendance affect the course grade?
  7. Should beauty contests be banned at school?
  8. Should there be any regulation to prevent cyberbullying?
  9. Should educational institutions be allowed to test students on drugs?
  10. Should there be a basic dress code for all students?

These are just a few parts of education argumentative essay topics you can build up your writing and present an interesting essay to your readers. And as the education system changes day by day, there will surely be more and more topics and issues you can discuss and voice your opinion on. 

What Else to Write About? Education Argumentative Essay Topics

As you can see, there is no lack of topics covering the educational process and institutions. At any moment, you can choose one of them and write an essay mirroring your opinions, thoughts, and arguments. However, apart from ready-made topics, more effective and informative will be sharing your own experience or personal stories related to school or college life. 

For example, you can choose to write about an issue you encountered during your school life and always wanted to find a solution for that. It will help you to demonstrate your thoughts on certain regulations or problems and wake up awareness by spreading the word to as many people as possible.

Also, when picking education essay topics for your writing, always make sure they reflect real issues and problems, so it can raise a discussion among readers and become an interesting debate topic. Don’t forget to support your opinions expressed with credible sources and materials.

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