How To Start College Essay: Instruction For Successful Essay Start


The picture of puzzling over the beginning of an essay is familiar to every student. And this is probably the most exhausting part of the writing process. You might have tons of ideas on how to start a college essay, but none of them form into one logical beginning. No worries, though, as this article will reveal all the secrets of writing an engaging introduction. So stay tuned and follow on!

How To Start My College Essay: Why Is It Important?

Your chances of enrolling in college depend on how highly your essay is graded. And the beginning of the paper makes the first impression on the college administrator. Since they usually spend several minutes reading an essay, it should be engaging from the first words. If it catches the reader from the start – then your successful application for the college is granted.

As your academic paper is your big achievement of knowledge from the school, it should hook the reader with your personal story. Moreover, you can design it originally so not only the admission officer will be eager to read it twice but everyone who sees it.

How To Start Off A College Essay: Things You Should Avoid

By writing multiple essays at school, most students will know approximately how to start a college academic paper. However, this knowledge might be a bit outdated for such serious educational institutions as colleges or universities. Therefore, you should avoid using the following techniques in your academic paper if you want to stand out from other applicants.

Don’t Write Very General Statements

Even though the sentence “From time immemorial, strong nations have defeated weaker nations” sounds quite catchy, it is overly general. However, because of generalization, it doesn’t sound unique to your story. And the reader might become not interested in finding something special about your academic paper. Furthermore, if it happens at the beginning, other parts will just lose their attraction to anyone who reads it.

Don’t Use A Quotation

The technique of putting a quote from popular figures at the beginning of the academic paper is familiar to all high school students. Indeed, it sounds interesting when reading famous people’s opinions. But what is more valuable is your personal attitude to the given problem. You can use the quotation to support your arguments, and then it will not blur your opinion.

Don’t Write As You Write

When you think about how to start a college academic paper, don’t write your thoughts directly. Showing your reader your inner world and consciousness of your actions will not make the essay stronger. It might work if you use special techniques. However, as you want to be understood correctly, this way is not very clear for your audience.

Don’t Give A Definition

Overwhelming a reader with a definition at the very beginning is not a good way to start your essay. An academic paper is a creative kind of work. It is not scientific research that needs definitions and proofs. It is your personal attitude to the problem, not an encyclopedia.

Don’t Act So Secretly At The Beginning

Some students try so hard to make the start of the academic paper original that they forget about the clarity of the ideas. And when the reader goes several sentences on and doesn’t have an idea of what the academic paper is about – you lose this game.

How Should I Start My College Essay: Life Hacks To Prepare For Writing Process

And now, when you know how not to start your academic paper, it is time to set yourself up for writing. Use these techniques to prepare for a smooth beginning of the essay.

  • Fantasize about some ideas. Give yourself some time to think about the topic ideas. Choose the theme you have expertise in. It should also suit your personal experience and background. The essay is a chance to uncover your individuality to the readers. And with the right topic, there will be no question about how to start a college essay.
  • Give it a try. Don’t think that you can write your ideal academic paper on the first try. Give yourself some more attempts to compose it in any form. Write as you wish without paying attention to structure and rigorous rules. You will see how easy it is to start off an essay if you don’t intend to make it perfect from the first attempt.
  • Create a plan. Since you know what to include in your academic paper, you can start making a plan. Thus, you will see the clear structure of your work, and it will be easier for you to kick it off like a professional writer.

Best Way To Start a College Essay: Learn Creative Techniques To Boost Your Essay Introduction

Imagination is your best friend when it comes to a question: “How to start a college essay?” Since the introduction is a hook, it has to be original. Watch for creative ways to start your perfect piece of academic writing.

Start Your Essay As A Performance In The Theater

Catch the reader’s attention by starting an academic paper with dialogue or your internal dialogue. It is very unusual to begin an essay by writing some phrases in the first person. However, it makes the reader feel as if he was the one who wrote it.

Create A Visual Aid

Start off an academic paper as you describe a valuable moment of your life. Depict the picture with all the senses so the reader can “taste” it. However, don’t explain this scene from the very beginning. Give the reader a try to associate it with the topic and then go on, and reveal the concept. If you start that way, you should carefully think about using proper stylistic devices. They make the picture unusual and special.

Add Some Unpredictability

What if you tell a story from the very beginning about your certain experience and then in one sentence just wrist it? Without a doubt, the reader will be shocked already by such a turn of events. At first, the reader expects to hear the story about one experience, and then you give him no choice but to link the story with another experience. This trick will boost the reader’s awareness and interest.

Raise A Philosophical Question

Start your academic paper with a philosophical question. However, you don’t have to answer it. It is a task for your reader. Imagine the level of interest and surprise when an admission officer reads the question, it hooks him, but no answer is provided. And if it is a controversial one, then it digs up even deeper.

Confess About Your Bad Side To A Reader

What if you start with a confession about something that you did wrong in the past? It is totally new for a reader; thus, it boosts a great interest. By adding this kind of vulnerability to an introduction, the one who reads your academic paper will think of the reasons why you did so, the motives of your behavior, and so on.

Tell Your Story Through An Object

This should be a real in-depth story about your object and how it links with your experience. For example, you can describe in little detail how you chose your first ball and how it gave you the inspiration to play football. Start with describing that special object and finalize the introduction with the meaning of that object in your particular situation.

Start An Essay With A Random Fact About Yourself

If you think about how to start a college essay in a funny way, use a random fact about yourself. It shouldn’t be strictly connected with your topic. However, it should motivate the reader to think about how cool it is to share that level of openness.

Make The Reader Dive Into A Story

Kick off the essay with a story as if the reader was one of its participants. To make it possible, use the descriptive imaginary concept. Plunge a reader into that, so he thinks that this is a real story happening with him at this very moment. It will be a stimulus to find out what the story ends like and how it associates with the person who reads your essay.

How To Make A Good Essay Introduction: Final Words

Whenever you have thought about “How to start a college essay?” you need to use the above-mentioned techniques in your writing routine. Some of them might be familiar to you, and some of them will be a real discovery for your writing practice. In any case, a good essay introduction equals a good reader’s attitude to your work and a successful college enrollment process.

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