How to Write a Body Paragraph for an Essay?


When writing an essay, you will definitely come to the point where you will have to write a body. Since this is the main part of your writing work which contains your arguments that support a thesis, it should be written in a coherent and logical way. However, such a volume of work can make students think: “How to write the body of an essay?”

write a body paragraph for an essay

No worries, though, as in this article, you will find the practical tips which you can apply when writing a body paragraph for an essay.

How To Write An Essay Body: Overview Of The Main Points

Even though essay body paragraph creation seems to be very complicated, it can be easily written if you divide it into several writing processes.

First, you will have to write an outline of your work where you will identify the main points of your essay. It will be a structure of your essay that contains the main ideas about the topic.

Then you should focus on composing the first draft of your body paragraph. It is simply your thoughts about the topic written in any form.

And the last process is the second draft creation which has to be written according to all the requirements. So, let’s take a deep look at every process.

How To Write An Essay Body Paragraph: Outline Creation

It will be a way easier to build a body paragraph if you create a detailed structure. And this structure will be your outline. Think about your essay topic and write out the main ideas that come to your mind. There might be tens of them. But in order to keep up with the conciseness, you will need to identify only the main points of your essay.

When you write an outline, remember that it can and should be changed since new ideas may pop up in your head. They might appear when you write the body paragraph or edit the finished text. Try to adjust your essay content to the outline and its parts.

How To Write The Body Of An Essay: Starting The First Draft

As soon as you identify what you will write about, you can easily start writing your first draft. Remember that it is a “trial” version of your essay body paragraph, and it can be written as you want. To make the writing process smoother, use the piece of advice below.

Don’t Take the First Draft Too Seriously

The advantage of creating the first draft is the freedom of writing. It is about your fantasy and desire. But the main benefit is in starting the essay where you want. And yes, it can even be a conclusion. Not all professional writers write everything from the introduction to the conclusion precisely. They also find the easiest part and start with it.

Clarify the Paragraphs

The idea of the paragraph is that it refers to one point. So when you start your first draft, try to link every paragraph with the unique ideas in your outline. In the paragraph, there should be the first main sentence that expresses the idea. All other sentences will just support the first one.

Make It Easy to Edit

When you write your first draft, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be edited. You should be very flexible regarding this matter. In the further writing process, you will find out what information needs to be omitted and should be included in the essay for sure.

Include the Literature

Even though writing the first draft doesn’t require a lot of resources, it will be very helpful to write referred literature. You can just point out the authors and their works and go on. And then, when you appear before composing a literature list, it will be your hint.

Don’t Rush Things

When reading your first draft, you might spot that some information is not appropriate for you. However, don’t try to delete it. Leave it there, and you will see that in the future, it can be useful.

How To Write A Good Body In An Essay: Composing Your Second Draft

Writing the second draft requires more discipline and patience. It is literally the creation of your finished work. So when you compose a second perfect draft, you need to read it carefully to spot any flaws and improve them.

The first thing you need to focus on is to check whether the ideas correspond to the thesis. As every part of your essay has a certain function, it is important to identify all these functions.

Moving on, when writing a second draft, you have to look at its content. Is it clear enough? Is there enough evidence? Are there enough logical connectors? These content elements should be 100% presented in the essay.

When it comes to editing the second draft, the main things you need to pay attention to are logic and coherence. As the essay is an academic type of work, it should be double-checked for coherence. All parts should be built in a harmonious way, so it becomes easy to follow the writer.

And at the end, add transition devices to your essay. They will help to boost your essay and make it easier for a reader to review your essay.


“How to write the body of an essay?” is a frequent question many students ask when it comes to essay writing. However, it is easier than it seems. The only three things you need to remember are writing an outline and creating your first and second drafts.

So, if you follow this instruction, the task of essay body paragraph writing will be easily accomplished. Don’t hesitate and make your academic essay writing process pleasant and smooth.

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