How to Write a College Essay


Sometimes it may become challenging to write a paper. Students around the world face difficulties every time they write a paper for college or high school. Some students even think that it is impossible to learn a paper writing skill. What if we tell you that you can improve your essay writing skills significantly just by following our tips.

After reading this article, you will forget about difficulties in your writing and start enjoying the paper writing process. Requirements and styles will no longer make any challenges for you. You will easily come up with ideas and arguments for your essay. And what is even more important, your papers will be highly graded by all your teachers.

Your Starter Pack on How to Write a Good College Essay

We agreed that essay writing could be boring from time to time. But what should you do in case your grade depends on the result of your paper? In this case, you just need to come up with your thoughts and express them on paper. Don’t worry because, to write a good college essay, it’s not necessary to be a genius in academic writing. All that you need is just to follow some rules. Don’t be afraid ahead of time because there are very few of them. Here we have collected some writing norms which will help you in your paper writing.

Check The Assignment First

Do not rush into writing your paper without reading the assignment carefully. Remember that successful writing, for the most part, depends on how carefully you read the requirements. Most students always make the same mistake. Because of the rush, they start writing before they even read the assignments. And as a result, they are surprised by poor grades. To avoid such situations, always read the assignment carefully to understand what are the main requirements for your future paper.

Don’t Neglect Literature

Sources and literature are the basis of your successful paper. Once you carefully read the assignment for your paper, you can start searching for the special literature. Literature and sources will provide you with evidence for your essay. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to write a good paper without the research process. Because, first of all, you will need to understand the topic of the subject and only after that start your writing. However, there is good news as nowadays it’s not obligatory to spend hours in the library since you can find all sources on the Internet.

Start The Brainstorming

Once you finish the previous steps, you can start forming your main ideas. You should choose the most important things. It doesn’t matter in which way you used to organize your concepts. You can use mind maps or just start writing your ideas in the form of sentences. The most important is that in the end, you need to have a few good concepts that will describe the sense of your work. For the first time, it may be a little challenging to pick out the main ideas. However, with time you will see that even after a quick view of the sources, you will highlight the main things easily.

Choose The Thesis

After you have succeeded in brainstorming, you have to create a thesis statement. Form your thesis as a short and argumentative sentence. Do not write a long thesis because it will be unclear to the readers. Instead, try to express your thesis as simply and concisely as possible. The reason why the thesis is so important is that it shows the main idea of your essay. Also, do not forget about your statement because a thesis needs to describe the subject of your essay as clearly as possible.

Justify Your Thesis With Arguments

After you come up with the thesis of your essay, you should back up your thesis with arguments. It’s really important to build your arguments on credible facts because that will strengthen your position. With the help of arguments, you will explain your point of view throughout the essay. Be creative in presenting the argument. Imagine that you are in a discussion and you need to defend your opinion. In this case, it will be much easier for you to come up with a few arguments.

How to Write College Essays: Structure and Length of Your Essay

After you finish the preparatory work you can start creating the structure of your college essay. Your essay should be written according to a coherent composition. Even though the creation of the structure can take a little bit longer, do not skip this step. Once the structure is ready, it will be much easier for you to finish your paper.

First of all, put your thesis at the top of your structure. After that, start adding the necessary sections. You can list the section with numbers or letters. Also, do not forget to add the main idea, so it will be easier for you to fulfill every paragraph. Regarding the length of the college essay, there are no strict limits for your paper. However, a standard essay with three paragraphs will have around 500 words.

Of course, you can write more but do not forget that you’re writing an essay and not a doctoral dissertation.

Writing a College Essay: Main Parts of Your Essay

When you’re writing an essay for any subject, it should consist of three main parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. If you want to write a logical college essay, it should consist of these sections. Let’s find out how you should start each of the parts in your essay.


You can start the introduction section with a suggestive sentence that generally outlines your topic or immediately write your assumption from the thesis. However, it is not so crucial unless you make your introduction informative and clear to the reader. Do not forget that your teacher will start reading your essay exactly from this part; that’s why it’s critical to make it logical and informative. Do not make your introduction too long, and one paragraph will be enough. The most important is that your essay should briefly describe the essence of your work so every person can understand it.


This part of the essay is the most difficult and solid. In the body, you will explain your position by adding new information to the new paragraphs. You will put it all together like a puzzle. There are no strict requirements on how you need to create the body of your college essay; you can add as many sections as you want. The main thing is that you need to explain your position using different sources and argumentation based on facts. Also, do not forget to use counterarguments since it’s a good way to strengthen your position. You are free to experiment.


This is the part of the essay where you need to put all your arguments, counterarguments, and facts together to sum up the research work. The conclusion is a culmination of your work, and you can not just simply agree with your own introduction. You should provide your reader with a solution to the affected problem. It doesn’t really matter in which form you will provide the solution, but do not contradict your own statements.

Revising Your College Essay Writing

Finally, you have made the necessary sources search, come up with the thesis, found out the main arguments, created the structure, and even made a draft. So what is it now? Now the long work of making the necessary changes begins. Here are some necessary actions you need to proceed with before submitting your paper:

  • Read your draft. Do not give your first draft to the teacher without even reading it. Most likely, you have made a lot of mistakes. Make it a rule to always re-read the finished work several times.
  • Correct the grammar. There are a lot of free services that will help you to check the grammar in your essay. Take your time to check this important point.
  • Read it to someone else. After the other person reads your work, you can look at it differently. Don’t be shy to ask your friend to read your essay because it will work in your favor, and you will improve your essay even more.

Conclusion on How to Write an Essay for College

Writing your college essay can be daunting in case you don’t know how to write it. However, by following these simple tips, you will not only improve your essay writing skills and surprise your teacher with quality essays. You will also start to like the process of writing your paper, and what is more important, it will begin to bring you pleasure and not gloom.

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