How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay?


Do you think that if you wrote the body and introduction of your paper, you have already done your paper? Unfortunately, not because another important part of your essay is ahead of you.

Most students underestimate the meaning of the conclusion of their paper. They draw all their attention to the introduction, definition of the thesis statement, review of the sources and literature, and evidence for their position.

However, by the end of their paper, most students lose their courage and energy and do not pay enough attention to such an important part as a conclusion. And this is fundamentally wrong because, in conclusion, you summarize the results of your research and set the tone for future works.

writing an essay conclusion

In case you recognize yourself in this paragraph, read us, draw your attention to our article, and find out how to conclude an essay in the best possible way.

How to End an Essay?

Sometimes it may be really difficult to sum up all your thoughts and facts that you have been providing to your readers and provide a meaningful and concise conclusion. However, do not worry because some useful tips will help you end your essay according to all your academic paper requirements.

And what is more important, these tips will help you summarize your research and provide your readers with a conclusion that will put a perfect dot to the end of your essay. Here are some of these tips.

Repeat the Thesis

Despite the topic and subject of your essay, your paper will always have a thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main idea of your essay. That’s why you need to return to it at the end of your paper. Remind your readers of your main idea, and tell them why you have started your research.

Just make sure that you do not make two different theses in your paper. You can rephrase it, but the sense of it should remain the same.

Remind Your Main Ideas

Your essay will not include only a thesis. It will also include some other important ideas. And your task will be to remind your users of your main ideas. Summarize your favorite ideas, and add a few sentences about them to your conclusion. Be sure that it will not be redundant. On the contrary, this will make your conclusion even more complete.

Suggest a Solution to the Problem

In case your thesis was based on some problem, you should definitely add a solution to the described problem. Propose your vision of the solution. It doesn’t have to be a solution that you have read in some sources. It’s your research, and you have an opportunity to provide your view to the world.

Do not worry. Just provide your solution, and who knows, maybe you will make patents on your ideas in a few years.

Read and Check

The only way to make something as perfect as possible is to practice and check. Do not worry if your first draft will not be ideal. However, once you come up with the final version, take the time to check everything carefully.

Pay special attention to grammatical errors because sometimes, you might not notice something in a hurry. Be sure that after a few checks, you will get an ideal conclusion.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for an Essay?

As you may have noticed, firstly, we have provided you with some tips on what you should do to write a good conclusion. This section will tell you what you should not do while writing the summary.

Most students make the same mistakes when writing their academic papers’ conclusions. If you want to succeed in writing, try to avoid these common mistakes.

Do Not Contradict Your Position

The first and most common mistake students make in their conclusions is that they underestimate their position. Make sure that your thesis in the introduction and conclusion coincides with each other.

Otherwise, it will be strange that you will have a different position in the beginning than in the conclusion. That’s why checking everything twice before submitting your paper is important.

Exclude Ending Phrases

How often have you started your conclusion with the words “to sum up”? Unfortunately, we must let you know that using these words in your conclusion is not desirable. Instead, you can rephrase some of your ideas to use them at the beginning of your essay. Start your essay with some short, informative sentences that will push your readers to conclude according to your ideas.

Do Not Add New Evidence

It’s important to operate only with evidence that you have already added to your academic paper. Your teacher will count it as a very serious mistake. So you need to ensure that you have not included any new facts or evidence in the conclusion of your paper. Instead, you need to operate with facts that you have already included in your body and introduction.

You do not need to add new facts because the conclusion is a section where you need to sum up everything and not start new research.

How to End a Conclusion in an Essay?

To sum up all of the tips below, let’s summarize how to conclude an essay. First, you must repeat your thesis statement and the main ideas indicated in your introduction and the body paragraphs. You should avoid some typical ending phrases and ensure you do not contradict your position.

Follow these simple tips, and we guarantee that you will write a perfect essay conclusion.

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