How to Write an Informative Essay and Enjoy the Process?


How exactly are you used to receiving information? Perhaps, you are using the Internet on your mobile phone or computer. And you are most likely reading news sources, articles, etc., aren’t you? Do you like the way information is presented?

You can do the same or even better, and an informative essay can help you with this. If you have received such a task, it is an excellent opportunity to create helpful content that will be understandable and interesting to others. Indeed, in essence, this type of work means informing the reader about certain things, the problem, etc.

Of course, you should not write about what you do not understand. And even if the topic is familiar to you, you can’t do it without additional research. More tips on doing well with this type of assignment can be found below.

How to Start an Informative Essay: From Choosing the Topic to Outline

Getting started is the most challenging task. Even famous writers and artists have a fear of a blank sheet. When you seem to be ready to get to work, there is not a single worthwhile thought in your head. Therefore, we suggest not starting with writing an essay itself.

First, you need to understand what, how, and in what order to write. Therefore, without preliminary preparation, you can’t go through. It includes:

  1. Topic selection.
  2. Requirement.
  3. Research.
  4. Outline.

We will talk about each of these points in a little more detail.

Choose the Topic

Some students find it easier to work with the topic given by the teacher, and some find it easier to choose it themselves. We believe that the second option provides more freedom of choice and less psychological pressure. In other words, it does not push you into a particular psychological framework.

In any case, you must make a choice seriously. For example, let’s say you need to write a sociology essay. Analyze the relevant topics of this subject and choose the one you would be interested in reading. This approach will involve you in the writing process.

Don’t be afraid to modify the theme in the following steps. You are doing everything right if it is better and more related to the rest of the written text.

Collect All Requirements in One List

Each written work has several requirements. And not to spend a lot of time later on formatting it, you should consider the main points right away. So, take a sheet of paper and write down all the requirements. For example, volume, writing style, font size, spacing, additional requirements of the teacher, etc.

Some items on the list of requirements will help you with your research. You will see how many and what sources you may need to find. It will also help to look at samples to understand the final result.

Do Your Research

We believe that this part of the work is the most important because the further course of the entire paper depends on the sources found. And here, you may have a question: what are suitable sources?

Try to rely on more recognized authors whose qualifications in a particular field are undoubtful. In part, Wikipedia serves as an informative essay. However, it would be best if you did not refer to it in your paper. If you liked some information on Wikipedia, there are footnotes with literature. Find the source and double-check the information.

Make an Outline

The outline will significantly reduce your time for writing each part of the essay. In addition, it will give a clearer picture of what and how you should write. Therefore, spend 1-2 hours compiling it.

To define your essay, you must remember that it is a five-paragraph paper. The first paragraph will be your introduction, the second, third, and fourth paragraphs will be your body, and the fifth paragraph will be your conclusion. Each paragraph must also begin with the main sentence, followed by three auxiliary ones and a final or transitional sentence.

How to Write an Informative Essay: Guide to Each Part of Your Paper

Don’t take on everything at once. Instead, allocate your time to write each part. For example, you have six hours left. And you have already chosen a topic, done research, and composed an outline.

Allocate 1.5 hours for writing the introduction and conclusion. The body is the most voluminous part, so it is better to spend more time, for example, 2.5 hours. And you still have 30 minutes left to re-read and check if all parts of the essay are connected.


The introduction is the foreword to your work. And as you know, it always leaves a mark, no matter what you write afterward. Therefore, your task is to interest the reader in your idea so that they want to read your essay. So, even though the purpose is to inform and not express one’s vision of the situation, the entry requirements are identical.

Write a catchy hook, briefly describe what will be discussed, and finish the paragraph with a strong thesis. Please, pay special attention to the thesis since it is an idea you will develop in the second part and draw a conclusion. Don’t make promises in your introduction that you can’t prove with facts. Your every thought should be reflected in your work.


In this part, you have the opportunity to show the reader the most interesting information that you found. For example, you are writing an informative essay about cybersecurity. Point out convincing facts, statistics, statements of successful people in this field, etc.

The body should not be overloaded and consist of only one paragraph. Please, write at least three and keep in mind that each of them is like a mini-essay. In other words, it should contain the main idea, evidence, and conclusion. Also, each paragraph must have a smooth transition to the next one.


In conclusion, your main task is to summarize everything written above. It should also serve as an inspiration for your audience to explore the topic further. Before writing, re-read your work and reformulate the main ideas in 1-2 sentences. In other words, in the beginning, you indicate what the essay will cover and confirm it at the end.

In this part, it is popular to insert rhetorical questions. They give the reader food for further thought. However, do not provide new information. It is a common mistake among newbies. The conclusion is the result of your main idea, not its development.

Writing an Informative Essay in a Proper Format

The teacher may ask you to write an essay in a specific style. Most often, it is MLA. However, if you are given a choice, we also recommend applying this option, especially if you still have little experience in writing such papers.

  • Document fields must be standard, i.e., be 1 inch.
  • Double line spacing will make it easier to read.
  • Set the desired font options (Times New Roman, 12).
  • All additional information (your name, teacher’s name, class or group name, date) should be left-aligned.
  • Place the essay topic in the center.

Most samples that you find on the Internet follow this format.

How Do You Write an Informative Essay and Get an A+ Grade?

  1. Consider the following tips, and your essay will win the readers’ attention.
  2. Explore your idea from different angles. Your task is to inform, not persuade the reader to your side.
  3. Try not to use too complex terms. The essay should be interesting and understandable for those who do not understand the topic.
  4. Make a draft of each part. It can be supplemented, and the essay will be written much faster.
  5. Don’t choose a topic that is too broad if you have a small amount of work. You will not be able to reveal it thoroughly, and the reader will be disappointed.
  6. Do not express your personal opinion regarding the information described.
  7. Take a break, and if you have a couple of days left before the date, forget about your work. Then, re-read the essay, and if you like it as a reader, you did great.
  8. These tips will help you organize your workflow and not experience severe difficulties in the process of writing.

Final Thoughts

Please, do not rush to close this article as it may help you write your informative essay. Or you can write down the main points so you don’t forget about them, especially tips or requirements for MLA writing style. However, there is another option. You can make an order to write an essay.

You will receive a ready-made, unique paper written with all the above recommendations and your wishes. The sooner you place an order, the sooner you obtain an essay. Save such a valuable resource as time.

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