The Main Structure of The Essay


The essay structure consists of three parts:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Main part;
  3. Conclusion;

Introduction. In this part, the content can be very different. Sometimes, you will need to tell the whole context, unlike in other essays, where this is not necessary, and you can limit yourself to some part, or no description is required at all.

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Limit your introduction to information needed only for the topic of the essay, which solely helps the reader understand the essence of the article, given your key points. There are always exceptions. For example, there may be a task where you need to focus on something or, on the contrary, write your essay covering a topic extensively. You should not worry. These essays usually belong to certain specialties, and the main thing is to read the task carefully.

Main part. This structural part of the essay’s problem and arguments are given, specifically on the paragraph’s topic. Do not forget that these paragraphs should be connected by one global issue of the essay, as well as with each other. It is difficult to get it right, even for professionals sometimes, because there are many ways to do it.

There are several options for how to start writing a paragraph, for example:

  • You can create a new section and a new topic in a neighborhood with your arguments;
  • You also have the opportunity to continue what you wrote in the previous one, but at the same time, go further and deeper into the problem. If you choose this option, be sure to refer to the paragraph you are continuing.

You need to finish the paragraph clearly and clearly so that the reader understands whether it is worth waiting for the continuation further or not.

Conclusion. Never write new information in conclusion. This is the finale, not the turn of events. In conclusion, they usually write the following things:

  1. Essay assignment reminder;
  2. The answer to the intrigues that were throughout the essay;
  3. Reply to the essay title

The conclusion should not be extended. The maximum allowed is one paragraph. In this paragraph, all the critical points of the essay are combined, which is why there is no need to go back to the details, except for what you want to highlight further.

Basic Essay Format

Either way, your essay will have a basic format. Only the goals for writing work can change. Also, the structure of the paper cannot be changed. You can write an essay to explain the steps of action, to express your own or someone else’s point of view. If you follow the steps in succession, your article will be written easily and quickly. All that is required of you is to insert fantasy into the already presented format.

Basic Essay Format Example

Introduction. Development does not stand still now; instead of horses, cars. But which is better depends only on the owners. Briefly outlined five topics for discussion that are present in the essay:

  1. A long time ago, horses performed their role flawlessly, and not many could afford to buy one;
  2. Nowadays, machines are much more popular and have filled the planet;
  3. It is impossible to compare their speed, but the speed of the car is measured precisely in horsepower;
  4. Horses are much more environmentally friendly than cars;
  5. Many conclude that cars are much better and more comfortable.

An example of a statement at the end:

In this essay, we will look at the environmental friendliness of horses and cars, their advantages, and people’s opinions on this issue.

In connection with history, books, and films, we know that horses were the most common mode of transportation until the end of the 18th century. They were also honored and buried along with the soldiers who died in the war. In addition, horses have always helped travelers cross the river, using their ability to swim or go through swamps due to their long legs. However, these days, they are considered pets and just entertainment for those who can afford them.

What to say about cars? The first car appeared in 1886 and was by no means faster than a horse, but I immediately fell in love with its convenience. After that, car advertising began to develop rapidly, this area developed all over the world, and each country tried to do something unique that would be different from everything else. Nowadays, machine builders have achieved tremendous success. There is not a single country in the world where there would be no car, which cannot be said about horses.

Both horses and cars were and are valuable in their way. They have always been a convenient means of transportation and admiration. Nevertheless, they cannot be compared because, so to speak, cars are a continuation of horses. They are unique and beautiful in their way, valuable and dangerous. Therefore, although the horses are slower, they are more attractive and atmospheric. But machines are more practical and valuable to use.

Basic Essay Format

The basic format consists of three points:

  1. MLA;
  2. APA;
  3. Chicago Style;

Any essay requires order. For this, it was created. Unfortunately, students are often in a hurry to finish and forget about the structure. These are the main three essay formats used around the world. These styles are comfortable and affordable.

What is the basic essay format? It is a set of hints and guidelines that determine the organization of the structure of your essay: text, title, and the basic plan of the article. Style frameworks were created to regulate the appearance of writing and citation lists. Why is this? Imagine that you are a teacher or a publisher and read more than a hundred essays every week.

Imagine that the essays were formatted differently; do you think you would lose a lot of time? The answer is yes! You will need to find out what sources were used, whether there was plagiarism or a direct quote, and of course, which the author was.

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